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    Jane Iredale “Fashion Forward” collection: Swatches and reviews

    January 29, 2017

    Fashion Forward, the 2016 Fall collection by jane iredaleSWEET BABY JESUS I have neglected this blog. Let me fill you in on the rollercoaster that has beenĀ ~life~ the past 4 months before we jump to the review. (Or jump to the review if honestly you don’t give two flying fucks about what I’ve been doing, that’s okay, I don’t judge.)

    Shortly after last post, I got promoted to beauty editor for Marie Claire. I’ve been working full time ever since, which is why I’ve been MIA. We were horribly understaffed for a hot minute, but now we’ve good a good team flow going and I got settled into my position as Online Beauty Editor. My hours will soon be cut back, which is a little sad considering I love my current job with the fiery passion I once hated my old job as a medical secretary. BUT, that’ll give me some more time for blogging, for artistic endeavors and chillaxin’. #notcomplaining. Let’s go to the review! After the jump you will find what I wrote October 9. Oops.
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