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Review x3: (MALIN + GOETZ), Lush, Sisley

April 17, 2016

Lush, (MALIN + GOETZ) and Sisley product reviews via Disco me to Oblivion, baby!

It’s a 3-for-1 kind of day here at Disco me to Oblivion, baby!, meaning I have three reviews for you today in one post. Stop me if I’m spoiling you guys! I’m joking, I know skincare isn’t up everyone’s ally, and I get it really, you don’t have that instant gratification of seeing drastic change like you do with, say, a red lipstick, so that’s why I’m using quantity to hopefully make things more interesting for a larger group of people. Kind of like a Big Mac you know, apart from vegetarians/environmentalists it really doesn’t offend anyone, right?

Right? … On to the reviews!

Lush Mask of Magnaminty product review via Disco me to Oblivion, baby!

Lush Mask of Magnaminty, €8,60 ★★★★

In a room full of beauty bloggers, I would probably have been the only one awkwardly raising their hand to the question “who here has never used a Lush product?”. Not anymore, thanks to a good friend of mine, Thomas, who works at Lush and gave me the Mask of Magnaminty as a hostess gift at our latest dinner and drank party.
I LOVE minty things. I once had a shampoo by John Frieda (Root Awakening) that I loved but unfortunately I can’t find it in stores anymore which is sad because the smell will undoubtedly jerk me right back into the Summer of 2013. Anyway, I digress. I don’t necessarily have outbreaks or impurities but I’m always down for a good scrub. To make a better case for this review, my boyfriend James was a good test subject. He has more of an oily skin type and is more prone to the occasional pimple than I am. So let’s look at what Lush promises:

A multi-purpose mask with a mixture of gentle yet effective ingredients to clean, calm and clear the skin. Easily smoothed over the skin, this mask is made with peppermint oil to stimulate, marigold oil and chlorophyllin to treat the skin; evening primrose seeds and aduki beans to gently exfoliate as you remove it. You can use this mask anywhere.

Lush Mask of Magnaminty product review via Disco me to Oblivion, baby!Swamp monster goop

Let’s start with the beginning: Application wasn’t as easy as suggested, the product is a bit too thick and the flakes of beans a bit too big to, let’s say, do it without a mirror. Having a beard (the boyf, not me) also makes things a little trickier but I guess that’s sort of besides the point. It does stay on well for the 10 to 15 minutes you’re supposed to keep it on, so you can eat popcorn and watch New Girl whilst letting it set without dripping swamp goop all over everything.

Lala (our resident Cat) was very curious about the smell, but decided to leave it alone. That’s a plus because even though I love cat kisses in my face, I think the peppermint oil would cause her to make a real nasty mess of her litter box.

Then came the grand finale, washing it off. Again, not easy, because the mask is a little tacky to the touch. I found keeping a wash cloth handy was not a bad idea. Whilst rinsing, use circular motions for an extra scrub and AH FRESHNESS! Impeccable clean feels! My skin was soft and velvety smooth. My boyfriend’s pores got a good cleansing, and his skin looked calm and nourished.

Would I use this anywhere? No, but frankly I don’t see why I would apply this at, idk the bus stop. You will look like a swamp monster, and you will need lots of running water, a wash cloth and a towel.  But they probably meant “anywhere on the body”. Fair enough. Thank you Selina for pointing that out in the comments ?

I think I can get about 10 masks (face only) out of the 125ml jar, at least, so that’s pretty good value! Would I repurchase? Not for myself, because I’m sure Lush carries masks more suited for my dry to normal skin type, but for my boyfriend, yes!

(MALIN + GOETZ) rum hand + body wash product review via Disco me to Oblivion, baby!

(MALIN + GOETZ) – rum hand + body wash, €22 ★★★★

Obviously there’s only so much one can say about a hand and body wash. This one by family-owned-and-operated apothecary (MALIN + GOETZ) lathers up nicely, the smell is great, but I’ll be the first to admit to checking the €-per-liter price when searching for a shower gel at the grocery store. Granted, I have very easy going skin ever since I stopped showering daily. Due to the absence of alcohol in their body washes, (MALIN + GOETZ)’s products are ideal if you have a sensitive skin or are prone to allergies. Other selling points are the company values: They produce locally, work towards sustainability and participate in fair and equal trade. The brand is cruelty free and the founders really, really love dogs.

Not-so-great memories come to mind when I think of rum, but this scent is actually surprisingly refreshing. I smell a little bit of citrus going on but with notes of bergamot, plum, dark rum and leather, I seem to be off, haha. I’d say this is a very good unisex product and being the feminist millenial that I am, I love non-gender specific products. Yay!

Either way, I’m intrigued. I’d like to think this is the brand P. Diddy stocks in his guest room (rooms, plural?), unless he lets his guests bathe in liquid gold. Now I’m not going to claim I have the resources to bathe in liquid gold replace all of my products with (MALIN + GOETZ), but when I’m in the mood to treat myself to a little luxury, I’d probably go for the peppermint shampoo, the Alder natural lavender dry shampoo or the mojito scented candle.

Sisley Gel Express Aux Fleurs, Express Flower Gel product review via Disco me to Oblivion, baby!

Sisley Gel Express aux Fleurs (Express Flower Gel) 6ml, €92.90 ★★★★★

Let me start by saying I won this by writing a review on the Ici Paris XL website – I wish I had, but unfortunately I do not, have the funds to morally justify spending this much money on a tube of facial mask so to write this review, I decided to be completely oblivious to the undeniably hefty price tag.

Let’s look at what it promises to do:

An express mask for fresher, silkier, more supple skin in just 3 minutes! Skin is left toned and hydrated and features are smoothed. Signs of fatigue and stress fade away and skin is left looking magnificent.

My chronic lack of sleep and perpetually high stress levels luckily don’t wreak as much havoc on my face as one would expect. I have a dry to normal skin, with a little bit of an oily T-zone during the warmer seasons of the year (which in Belgium, usually lasts for a week), and mildly darkened under-eye areas. Other than that I have a very clear complexion, mostly thanks to oral contraceptives. However my lips are more often than not, chapped and slightly busted, and if I’ve been slacking in the basic skin care regimen (what do you mean I’m supposed to drink more water than gin & tonics?) I get dry patches on my cheeks.

The Gel Express won’t make you look like you’ve had eyelid correction surgery and put on a dab of Touche Eclat, but it will leave your skin velvety soft and radiant, about as close to a glow as you can get without make-up or pregnancy, I presume. Cheeky me also likes to apply it to the lips after a day in a dry environment, and using it twice a week will patch things up nicely and get your lips ready for your driest of matte lipsticks.

Concluded: I love this product. If high end skin care is your jam, or you just have that kind of money to spend: Go for it. Is it an indispensable product everyone and their dog should be using? No. It’s a little (big) luxury and should be treasured as such.

Thanks Ici Paris XL for making me the winner!

And there we have it! Your 3-for-1 Big Mac is served! I hope this was at least a bit enjoyable and/or useful to read! See you guys next time!

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  • Reply Selina Mose April 18, 2016 at 11:23

    I did assume the ‘use everywhere’ Lush product was to use for any place on your body, not at the bus stop but I did entertain the idea of the bus stop when I read the beginning of the review :P

    • Reply Vicky April 18, 2016 at 12:30

      OH MY GOD HAHAHAHA ?????

  • Reply Mariska April 18, 2016 at 12:08

    Lekker uitgebreid! Ik ben wel een beetje Lush fan dus dat masker wil ik wel eens proberen, maar de andere producten klinken ook best wel goed!

    • Reply Vicky April 18, 2016 at 12:36

      Als je ooit geld te veel hebt (lol nooit), sowieso de Gel Express van Sisley!

  • Reply Ines April 20, 2016 at 20:44

    haha dit: “Would I use this anywhere? No, but frankly I don’t see why I would apply this at, idk the bus stop” deed mij echt zo hard lachen :D Het masker klinkt wel leuk, de andere producten zijn wel een beetje pricy :(

    • Reply Vicky April 21, 2016 at 12:45

      Hahaha easily mijn meest gênante blogmoment ???
      En yesss ik weet het, dikke prijskaartjes hangen eraan, daarom wou ik ze niet apart reviewen want daar heeft lang niet iedereen een boodschap aan.

  • Reply Jessica April 27, 2016 at 17:39

    Die namen van Malin + Goetz producten zijn af en toe een beetje vreemd gekozen inderdaad. Want die cannabis kaars die ik hier heb staan, ruikt dus echt niet naar wiet he. Gelukkig wel heel lekker.

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