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Sales Purchases: A Round up

January 2, 2015

Hello peeps! I hope you got to enjoy your New Years Eve and stuff! What I have learned from our party is to never. Ever. Drink. Again.


On to better things though, most of you, readers, statistically, are from Belgium and the Netherlands, so most of you probably know sale isn’t even in full swing yet here in Belgiumland, but I didn’t let that stop me, oh no! Considering I have pretty much regained all the weight I had lost from my short but good stint at the gym and thus will take some more time until I feel fit to shoot pictures of clothes when they are on my body, I decided to do a little round up of what I am currently expecting the delivery dude to bring! Soon plz. Because I have “nothing to wear”.


AllSaints Awry and Char Jumpers

Awry Jumper (€108), Char Jumper (€79)


As you may or may not know, once upon a time when I dropped out of college, I worked at AllSaints. The pay was alright, the coworkers were fun up until I accidentally got involved with a guy-coworker and drama ensued, but the best part of it all? Definitely the uniform privileges. We’d get an outfit or two every season and everything had a nice big discount because we were only allowed to wear clothing from the store, and obviously a fair share of my pay ended up back into the till (oops).

One of the only items that is still in rotation is an older version of the sweater you see on the right. Cashmere, oversized, super snuggly. Alas I have this habit of picking the pills off my sweaters which has now resulted in a small hole in my favourite wintery top, so you can imagine the joy in my heart when I saw this baby’s price had gone down significantly!


The Awry jumper I have had for a few weeks now, and together with my old Char jumper, it is pretty much the only Warm Thing I enjoy wearing. It’s all merino wool, which is a little less fluffy but every bit as warm as cashmere. A winner in my book. The only downside is that wearing a necklace will make the sweater pill, which sucks if layering necklaces is kind of your thing. I like to make up for it with a dark nail and some rings. Speaking of dark, a plum lip tint would be magical with this jumper. I digress.


Cos 3/4 Sleeved T-shirt and  Jacquard A-line Cardigan

3/4 Sleeved T-shirt (€19 – not in sale), Jacquard A-line Cardigan (€48)


Up until this order, I have thought 0 positive thoughts about Cos. Wait, I take that back. I like the way the stores smell.


When I scroll down the images I am astounded by the amount of wtf-ery in the styling, the dowdiness and the lack of boobage in the models (I know models are generally quite flat chested but this is like watching Boys Don’t Cry all over again). They aim for a style which I will probably never understand, but that’s okay if as long as the two items I got turn out to be nice. I had been in the market for a nice, non-crew neck striped tee to wear sort of like this but with more jewelry because that’s how I roll.

The cardigan (product shot only because full outfit shot was ABYSMAL) I intend to wear with a casual tee tucked into some black skinnies. Bonus points if I don’t forget to add my belt to counter the dowdiness Cos has printed on my corneas.


ASOS Top with Slouchy Twist Front and Ottoman Hands Rose Quartz Arrow Crescent Semi Precious Necklace

ASOS Top with Slouchy Twist Front (€15), Ottoman Hands Rose Quartz Arrow Crescent Semi Precious Necklace (€16)


Asos has not been good to me this past season (crew necks EVERYWHERE) so I’m not surprised that these two items are my only buys after countless hours of scouring the sale over and over again. See I’m a recreational shopper and the fun stops when you’ve got dry eyeballs and no goodies to show for.


This top has been on my radar for a while and although I am very scared the twisty front will make me look like I’m harbouring a baby kangaroo in there, I’m willing to give it a shot. Because basically I’m desperate?

The necklace I have loved ever since I laid eyes on it. I’m an avid fan of Ottoman Hands‘ designs but not so much of the prices so I make a point to only shop the brand in sale. Last night as I was browsing Asos and saw this, I got so greedy, I put 10 of these in my basket because YOU NEVER KNOW.


Forever 21 necklaces

FOREVER 21 (Bonus because these weren’t in sale)
Faux Stone Layered Necklace (€6,50), Bar Pendant Necklace Set (€4), Burnished Pendant Necklace Set (€5,50 – sold out)


I was bored so I bought some necklaces.


Okay so this was a first little round up of sales buys! I’m really hoping I won’t have to return all of it because I am incredibly bored with my wardrobe right now. Maybe I will sit tight and check Zara and Mango online tonight as their sales start at midnight but I’m afraid heading out into the real life wilderness of it all is just not for me anymore.

Also I consider my resolution that involved no more aimless shopping broken.


Adios friends! Best wishes to all!

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  • Reply Insomnia January 6, 2015 at 12:43

    Goed gekozen!

  • Reply Alison January 18, 2015 at 02:31

    Loose those Allsaints jumpers. I always get way too tempted by the post-Christmas sales but this year I’ve only picked up a couple of things? I didn’t even think to check out Allsaints online though so slakdjlk it’s not too late yet!

  • Reply GlassesShop November 23, 2016 at 02:26

    I’m a HUGE fan of your blog

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