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January 25, 2015

In case anyone was wondering what I’ve been up to lately:

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Eloise and Abelard logo


I opened up a tiny little Etsy shop yesterday! I used the name and branding that I wanted to use for the jewelry shop I was planning on opening back in 2012: Plans that got pushed back because I am a fucking sloth, but here it is now, in a slightly different form than expected!


Maybe some of you will remember the series of posts I did for Special K, about trying to overcome my fear of failure. I’ve stopped believing in epiphanies and life-altering experiences since, but living with someone and sharing your life with them does make you get to know your strengths and weaknesses, and knowing is half the battle!! Talking about my fears (which are COMPLETELY IRRATIONAL OH MY GOD) really helps me put them into perspective. I remember the psychologist I went to over a year ago now telling me I had to start with easy projects for instant gratification, and while that was good advice, even picking up a pencil seemed like an awful big step. Oddly enough, going to the gym and challenging myself in an entirely different way is giving me the kick up the butt I need! Along with the encouraging words from friends and strangers, I did it. I finished three drawings, I set up a shop, I went to the printer’s, made product shots…


I did it!


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