December 21, 2014

Bedroom decor vignette via Disco me to Oblivion

Hey peeps, I figured I would pop my head in on this blog before the holidays and say hi. As you can tell there hasn’t been much going on (insert the tumbleweeds here), partially due to my lack of motivation (for everything), but mostly due to my eternal hatred for A/W fashion. This year and season has been especially bad, considering I have only bought a cute pair of shoes that are really only suitable for warmer seasons (bare ankles are for troopers and I’m not a trooper) and a nice merino wool jumper from AllSaints that’s not even that flattering on me now that I gained some extra junk in my trunk but it’s been the nicest jumper I’ve put on in a while so it’ll have to do – and it does because I wear it like three times a week.


It goes without saying that I’m too boring to catch on camera these days. I keep reverting back to my & Other Stories boots, some skinny jeans and a jumper. I noticed I don’t even wear any cardigans anymore because I feel like the ones I have no longer suit me and the ones that are in store are either way too long (what coat do you wear with that??) or way too fluffy (how do you wear a coat with that???).


So instead of putting myself through the torture of A) going to stores and coming out empty handed or 2) being disappointed by what I see in the fitting room mirrors, I try to focus on things to boost my confidence, like (going to the gym really hard and) hair and make-up. I’ve been thinking of doing some review style posts but I hardly think I have anything to add to an already very saturated blogosphere. Which is exactly why I don’t want to bug you guys with just another wishlist or whatever.


I guess what I’m trying to say is: See you when I get back into shape and the sun is out again. I’ll be hibernating, drawing quirky looking pets preferably with hats and refusing to clean the bathroom.

I hope you all enjoy the holidays!


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  • Reply Silvana Herrebout December 21, 2014 at 19:17

    Ugh, ik herken je kledingprobleem. Ik ben niet uit mijn veel te grote trui te slaan. Hele fijne feestdagen! Oh en, p.s., aangzien je geïnteresseerd was in m’n illustraties; ik heb een kerstkaart-winactie online staan. Als je het leuk vind om een geillustreerd kaartje van mij te ontvangen, let me know! :)

  • Reply Jessica December 22, 2014 at 21:06

    Haha, ik heb juist helemaal niks met zomerkleding. Maar ik snap hoe je je voelt, ik ben door ziek zijn ook wat aangekomen, en voel me daar niet happy bij. Maar denk maar zo, je werkt eraan en je bent in ieder geval in goede gezondheid.
    Alvast fijne feestdagen!

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